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What is Nahar?

Nahar Studios is an internationally-based game development studio comprised of young individuals with a passion for video games and our respective crafts. We have published 6 game jam games and 1 commercial project with the aims of a second, larger one to be published in the near future.

Fun Fact: Nahar actually means Dawn in Arabic.

YOHEI Nahar Studios


  • Top 8%

    GMTK 2020 Jam

    Rebind, a platformer where pressing a button causes you to lose it, was in the top 8% of contestants. The jam had over 5000 Entries.

  • 7

    Published Projects

    Our studio has published 6 Jam Projects and 1 Commercial project (Kalindis)

  • 4.9

    Stars on Kalindis

    Our commercially released flaghship game, Kalindis has 4.9 stars on the Google Play store with over 50 downloads

  • 2

    Published Soundtracks

    Kalindis and Novel Alchemy (A Jam Project) OSTs published on all major streaming platforms.


Co-Founder | Lead Developer | Project Manager

Asaad Al-Barwani

A Founding Member of the team, Asaad oversees the team as a Project Manager and works as the main developer for all of Nahar's games.

Asaad Al-Barwani Nahar Studios

Samy Zian Nahar Studios

Co-Founder | Head of Marketing | Lead Game Designer

Samy Zian

A Founding Member of the team, Samy designs Nahar's gameplay experiences and leads the Marketing Team.
He's also an avid streamer!

Co-Founder | Sound Engineer

Dale Paterson

A Founding Member of the team, Dale works on anything and everything sound related, including SFX and Music.
His solo project, Dalliard, is definitely worth looking into!

Dale Paterson Nahar Studios

CQNPVR Nahar Studios

Co-Founder | Concept & Promotional Artist


A Founding Member of the team, CQ works mainly on creating new character concepts, but also supports in the creation of promotional art and, on occasion, animation.
She also manages our Community Discord!

Head of Art | References & Cutscenes


Helios leads the art team. She works on animation references, character finalisation, and cutscene art.

Helios Nahar Studios

Hilal Talib Nahar Studios

Story Lead | Marketing


Dawn crafts Nahar's Narrative Experiences, and also supports the marketing team.
Look forward to the next Nahar project, where you'll see their first full length game story!

2D/3D Designer | Environment


GedudoInk has done everything from the backgrounds & environments, 3D models and animation, and even 2D animation.
The true visual mastermind behind Kalindis!

Gedudo Nahar Studios

Hashemi Nahar Studios

Head of Graphic Design | Junior Developer


Hashemi is the main graphic designer on our team, having made everything from the logos, menus, and marketing graphics. He also supports Asaad as a Junior Dev.
Certified Namer! Hashemi has named many of our projects including Kalindis.

Full Stack Web Developer | Webmaster

Elias Benbourenane

Elias works on everything web related, backend and frontend. He built the leaderboard system for Kalindis and this very website. He is currently working on a similar leaderboard system for an upcoming game.

Elias Benbourenane Nahar Studios

Ahmed Al-Majribi Nahar Studios

Sound Engineer


megalo works alongside Dale to craft audio experiences for our games, mainly focusing on music.
Look out for his bonus tracks and remixes!

Animation, Environment & Promotional Art


Maryam works on the art team as an animator and general artist, working with sprites and environment mainly.
She produced almost all of the art for our jam game CaterPanic!

Maryam Nahar Studios

Samy Bouarroudj Nahar Studios

Chief of Finance | Junior Developer | Marketing

Samy Bouarroudj

Samy works as a junior developer supporting Asaad, handles the financing and budgets and supports the marketing team.